Your business will find new customers if you’re on Facebook, you will be exposed to potential new customers, whilst building and maintaining relationships with your existing clients.

It is a massive marketing opportunity with over 80,000 active users in Rockingham and over 1.19 billion worldwide
I feel it is akin to being in a network group that promotes and supports you, only on line.

It is very user friendly, Facebook prompts you along each step, anyone can use this site and there are thousands of 3 min YouTube videos that can support your education in using Facebook’s tools.

Once you have set up your page which will take about an hour, then individuals “like” your business page, effectively the customer come’s to you.
I strongly suggest when posting about your products and services you do so in the mindset that you’re speaking to one other person.
For the best results you will need to post daily and at various times, the good news is Facebook offers a scheduling option, I personally upload a weeks worth of posts in around 30 minutes each Monday, I then use my phone to respond to those said posts.
Consider the unlimited marketing potential of constantly sharing information about your business!

I would suggest setting up your page on a desktop; however I would operate the business page via the app “pages”.
The app Facebook used on your smart phone or tablet operates your personal page, in my case the Sharyn McCaskey site, the app pages operates my business site, Mdvs Business Services.

A Facebook page offers your business a site where you can post your own blogs which are called notes, upload photos, promote events, sales, upload videos, connects people to your website, shares your phone number, tells us your opening hours, upload your menus if you’re a restaurant, you can have a click through call now, book now or buy now button, a shop front ability, operate a competition, it shows your business on Google maps, create offers, build your brand recognition and invites reviews, this and so much more, actually Facebook offers over 60 useful tools to help vary the marketing on your site.

Wait don’t panic you can still do extremely well with using say three tools.
An active Facebook site will often trump a website and it certainly helps with getting you found on Google.
Best of all, all of this for not one cent, nil, nada, bunkas, nothing, yes all for free.

Facebook do offer paid advertisements and these are designed to target specifically to your demographic, the ad design is so simple, you add your key words, what suburb, city or region you want to target, the age group, if they have liked certain things (perfect say if your targeting brides) and how much you want to spend a day, which can be as little as $5.00, how many days you want to run the advertisement.
After filling in one for me recently the stats should my advertisement would be seen by 98,123 potential new clients.

Once you have a presence on the site, you will often see people comment “do you know a good ABC” Your fans then reply with “yes here is the information about ABC, I use them”. Individuals trust these referrals over all other forms of marketing.

Like anything it can be daunting and there is so much more to Facebook then I have shared here, however just do it, build your site, then learn one thing, then other, pretty soon you will be an active user and your marketing budget will decrease and your income increase.
Facebook of course works better in some industries than it does in others, however with small businesses feeling the pinch and marketing dollars tightening doesn’t it make sense to have a look at Facebook’s potential.

By no means should it be your only marketing spend, don’t dismiss other areas, like the newspaper, flyers, website and networking groups they are important and your marketing should be varied.

The way I describe Facebook is it offers every business the ability to be its own private TV Station, Magazine and Newspaper, you fill the content.

Sharyn McCaskey is an award winning and respected Facebook Specialist.
About Sharyn McCaskey
• I am 52 and have been married for 30 years. I know shocking I still look good right?
• Our son William, who lives in Melbourne and …please don’t judge me… works for Telstra.
• I have won numerous business awards and have been on a number of community/business committees.
• I have been active in our region for 15 years.
• People will tell you I am a go getter whose passion is driven by supporting others, I always finish what I start and I am a great out of the box thinker especially focusing on marketing.
• I love science fiction, Australian History and the TV series The Walking Dead.

About MDVS Business Services
Mdvs stands for Must Deliver Value and Service
I do 3 things:-
1 I teach Facebook Business Marketing focusing on gaining ORGANIC reach. When clients implement my teachings they prove Facebook Marketing WORKS. I have travelled over Australia teaching and in the last two years I have facilitated to 15,000 recipients, mostly referrals.
2 I manage a select few clients Facebook Pages, such as Visit Rockingham, Lulu’s Café, ShakespeareWA and Malibu Fresh Essentials; I am the consultant for the City Farmers Dog Wash Division Facebook pages.
3 I create awesome and professional Facebook Business Pages.
If I can help with Facebook I am only a call away: – 0408863331.

Even MORE details about Sharyn professionally this time.
• Is a certified Trainer with over 22 years real business experience
• Has a working understanding of social media and is a specialist on Facebook
• Has facilitated Facebook and Marketing to over 15,000 clients, including corporations, many small businesses and the government.
• Is a South Coast Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year
• Is constantly a winner or finalist in many business awards, from Business Centres and Chambers of Commerce, including Micro Business Operator in 2015.
• Has flown/driven to 27 regional towns/districts nationally teaching Facebook marketing including the major tourist destination Jindabyne NSW and Ned Kelly Tourist region Jerrilderie NSW.
• Most attendees of Sharyn’s seminars are referrals from past clients
• She is honestly reachable 24/7 via her mobile as she knows not all businesses are 9-5.
• She is a published author of a number of books including ‘The Complete Business Guide’, and many other easy to read manuals and books on how to make your business more productive and profitable.

You are invited to browse through this website to learn more about my training and workshops, manuals and how I can help your business.

About Sharyn McCaskey

Sharyn McCaskey from Mdvs Business Services is a well respected Facebook Marketing Specialist, who has trained over 15000 attendees in Facebook Marketing.