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GIFTS FROM Sharyn at Mdvs Business Services…

These are usually used to gain information like emails so they can gauge what you want to BUY from the website. However I PROMISE you won’t be SPAMMED nor harassed to do a seminar or workshop.

If these help YOUR business then AWESOME my job is done, feel free to share them.   

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AS A GIFT FROM Mdvs Business Services, I would like to offer you at no cost some easy to understand and read business manuals that guarantees to help make your business a success.

Manuals Include

  • How to Network Effectively
  • Successful Telephone Etiquette and Telephone Sales
  • Customer Service that will Increase Your Profits and responds to Complaining Customers
  • Effective and FREE Marketing Ideas that will increase your Profits
  • Time Management Skills

Finance in Business – a manual that will get your debts paid costs $49.00 but it is worth it and has all my intellectual property from my years as a debt collector and how I collected money for clients with my 99% success rate. 

Finance In Business Complete guide to all your accounting needs in Business, from Set to and including Effective Debt Collection and How To Take Your Own Legal Action in Court.


  • Terms Repayments Agreements
  • Debt Collection Letters THAT WORK
  • Answers to those responses of why they cannot pay
  • Invoices and why you DON’T put 7 or 30 days on them.