Networking:- IS the most IMPORTANT AND COST EFFECTIVE TOOL to marketing yourself and your business.

How To – NETWORK Effectively

• Getting together with other businesses and sharing ideas.
• Getting together and promoting your business.
• Getting together and listening to other business
• Having a few drinks or a round of golf
• Showcasing your products and services at an expo.
• A tool to increase your business and profits
• Meeting new businesses and potential clients.
• Chatting over dinner, lunch or a breakfast function.
• Getting together to discuss work concerns and solutions
• Introducing other business to each other
• Holding your own seminars or functions
• It is the MOST IMPORTANT and POWERFUL tool in marketing
• Cost effective way to increase YOUR business
• Is something that does not come straight away but in time and must be worked AT!

NETWORKING is in a nutshell.

Q: What would be in a networking Kit?
A good attitude
A fair number of your business cards to hand out – (refer to points below)!.
Two pens
A small notebook (kept tidy and clean and not falling apart)
Some Pamphlets on your business
An open mind

BUSINESS CARDS: Be sure to put your contact details, location, and company name on the card. Ensure that your most likely to reach you phone number is bold enough to distinguish from the other numbers. When you need new cards – don’t wait, just get them. The cost of having scruffy or pen-modified cards may do your business more harm than good. Be sure to have cards on hand always – you never know when you may need them. There is nothing worse than being asked for your card and having to say, sorry I don’t have any, IT CAN REFLECT QUITE NEGATIVELY ON YOUR BUSINESS. Give them to all of your employees to use. They will promote your company in ways that you might not even have thought of and the potential increased loyalty factor from your staff will also be a long term benefit for you. I suggest that you keep the cards, simple and not to busy, and use only one side of the card, the reason, that if you are recommending someone then you can write THEIR details on the back of YOUR card. Avoid cheap and back yard printers as your card is your indication of what one can expect from you, therefore if you have a cheap card then confidence in your work is not very high. You are what you give out.

Q: Name some places to network?
Any business function or networking group, such as a Chamber of Commerce, or Business Network Industries etc, also go out of your district there are 100’s of groups to join and WORK them, (often people join groups and say “here I am” and then get surprised that they do not receive new work” – in order to be successful YOU Must work a room and a group, you have to introduce yourself and participant, it always surprises me how many members may be in a business group and NEVER even go to a function).
A local community group, such as a sporting group or rotary – think about a football group, you think of them as only the players yet they may well have hundreds of members, and a good majority of them could have a need for your business, either as employees, running their own business, or just the general public. – (The back of the RMK directory has a listing of all the sporting groups in Rockingham, and you can contact your local council for a listing from there community department).
Your shopping centre
Picking up the kids from school
A business expo or seminar:-
* The list is endless, I often am spoken to outside my post office box, they see the logo on my car and ask for my card, and I see there logo and think, well I don’t know them I will get their card and introduce myself. SO in short you can network…
Exceptions may be – “a formal official function” such as Anzac DAY March, or a funeral, best to use discretion but most places are well and truly acceptable, just use common sense”

Q: Who is the FIRST person you speak to at a network FUNCTION?
The person who is hosting and/or holding the function – this is to say thank you for supplying a forum for business to work with each other. This person often knows everyone in the room and can often point you in the direction of clients who may wish to work with YOUR business.

Q: Who is the second and third person you speak to at a network FUNCTION?
A person or business associate that you have NEVER met before! –
The idea is to meet people you have never met before, there is no point in networking to people who already know what and who you are.

Q: How do I say Hello to someone I have never met before?
Walk in the door and stand tall, good posture displays are great attitude with body language, SMILE genuinely, then walk up to a person and look them in the eye and say, “Hello my name Sharyn, how are you this evening” – “fine thanks and you” – “Brilliant thanks, so tell me what do YOU do”. Always maintain eye contact with that person. Listen with genuine interest.

Q: What do I do or say to a person who is obviously not interested in what I have to say or offer?
Wait till the dreaded LULL, genuinely thank them for their time, give them your business card and take theirs. Politely advise them that there is someone who you must speak to prior to that person leaving and ask if they mind if you can be excused, remind them that if you know of any person or in fact yourself could do business together then you would like to be able to call them, this way you leave on a POSITIVE note. Never just walk away or be rude.

Q; Why do people go to a function to network?
When you are getting ready for a function – do you say to yourself “OH I wonder what new business I am going to be told about tonight?” NO you say “Oh I wonder how many people are going to be there tonight who I can SELL my products and services to”, therefore how does networking work if everyone is going for there own similar reasons, easy BY LISTENING TO WHAT THE OTHER person is saying, because if you give someone genuine time, they will gladly do the same for you.

Q: Why does networking work for some and not others?
Networking is not easy and some people are born to it, others have to work at it, but if you can just understand that everyone feels unsure outside of there comfort zone and you must go to a function with a goal and plan in mind, often you see people just standing around the room and they do not approach anyone and others do not approach them. SO make a rule that I will make the functions work for me, I will walk in, SMILE, go up to a person, SHAKE hands FIRMLY and introduce myself, and I will then ASK about them, then I will FOLLOWUP after the function. You will only get out of networking what you put in.

Q: Now the fourth and fifth person you speak to at a network FUNCTION?
A person who you have done business with previously, this is done to maintain the relationship, often this is when work can be exchanged or information shared about new possibilities. Maintaining relationships are just as important IF SO more important than obtaining new clients. Go deeper, not wider. Many of us already know plenty of people. Yet there’s a tendency to believe that if you add more people to your networking circles, you will create greater business opportunity for you and your network. Unless you are at the beginning stages of your business, I believe you will be far more effective if you build deeper relationships with the people you already know than starting new relationships with lots of strangers.
These deepened “partnerships” will generate meaningful and profitable introductions, referrals, business opportunities, and friendships

Q: How do you get rid of a person?
This can be difficult but must always be handled with care. It may be they are negative or talk bad about other businesses, I remember one incident when a new person came up to me and I asked “how are you” to which he replied quite loudly, “&$%# Off I have had a bad day”. You ARE, who you are seen with, I left that person very quickly. If you are caught with someone who speaks foul, or just really really gives you the hebies, then wait for a lull, or finish a sentence then immediately say “thanks for your time, there is someone over there I must speak to before they leave, it was nice talking to you”. NEVER EVER say “ I am just getting a drink I will be back in a minute” or Excuse me I must go to the bathroom and I will be back in a minute”. Both implies that you are going to return and is most offensive and embarrassing to the person you have just left when you go to another person and DO not come back.

Q: What would be some things NOT to do at a function?
Talk about someone who may owe you money
Get drunk

Q: What would you NOT wear to a function?
Something casual
Something that has a stain on it
Something flashy or sexy
Something that has a hole in it
Something that is smelly or dirty
Thongs or old Sand shoes
A sad or miserable look on your face
Too much makeup
A GREAT IDEA IS TO INVEST IN A UNIFORM……… A pair of black pants and a nice shirt with your logo on it, this way you always are instantly recognizable and if someone is looking for you or pointing you out to a potential associate, then your uniform stands out, then you don’t have to worry about what you are going to wear. It is a tax deduction and keeps your washing and wardrobe down, if you are a girl a knee length black skirt also looks good

Q: Do not judge a person?
You never know who they know or what mood they are in, they really may have had a bad day, we often think that the person who we are talking to may not be of benefit to you, but …………… I recall a incident when I was at a function and the person said to me “I don’t have any accounts at all therefore your debt collection manual may not be of use to me”.

I thanked him anyway, we talked some more and went our other ways, the next day I received a call from an accountant’s office who was this person’s brother, and he wanted me to conduct a seminar for his clients. SO you never know who that person may know. EVERY person knows someone who may be a potential client of yours.

Q: How long do I stay with a person or group?
As long as you like, especially if you are getting along very well, I would suggest though the most time would be about 15 minutes one on one, (unless you are at a lunch or breakfast that you cannot move from). BUT remember you are there to meet new people and to start relationships. Therefore you should include others into your conversation and introduce others, I would suggest that IF you are getting along very well with a person then invite them that night to stay in contact and/or at that time make a “date” to get together again, either for a drink, lunch, golf or another function that you think they may enjoy.

Q: How much business would come from clients you network with?
Statistics PROVE that once you have a client if you keep them happy the MAJORITY of your business comes from them, in either continuous working relations or by THEIR recommendations. Why?- BECAUSE business is built on dealing with WHOM YOU TRUST and only by getting to know a person do you develop TRUST.

Q: How much money does networking cost and what should I spend on it?
Apart from your joining fees to groups NETWORKING is FREE! Contact groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Business Networking Groups or anywhere business is conducted and ask the executive officer to invite you to their functions, all groups will allow you to come at least once, maybe twice prior to you having to join or having to pay for membership, this way you can determine if the group is productive and something you wish to be part of.

DO not just stay in your area, be prepared to travel outside of your suburbs or towns, there are hundreds of businesses and groups, waiting to hear from you, and if you take advantage of the “try before you buy” method of attending functions, make sure that everyone you meet you obtain their business cards from. Ask them about the particular group you are attending, look at their web sites to see what the group achieves. The other costs are standard business costs, such as business cards, pamphlets etc.

Q: How do I recommend someone I am not sure of?
You don’t, unless you know they will exceed your customer’s expectations then do not refer a person or a business, it is important to note that if someone recommends you or you recommend a business, then you are saying “I have the upmost respect and faith in you to do a brilliant job”. For example if you recommend Joe Bloggs and he lets that client down, then the next time you refer someone again, they will not take this recommendation seriously from you. YOUR recommendations are a reflection on you. Remember also that people who refer you are placing the same trust in YOU. If I know of a person who has recommended me, then I contact them and say THANK YOU and let them know that I will make sure their client is satisfied, then when the work is completed I ring the referrer and let them now the outcome of the job. EVERYTIME – this way they KNOW that you looked after their associate, and will continue to recommend YOU.

Q: Do I have to buy of everyone I try and network with?
No not at all, networking is not about buying off someone as you will never need the services of everyone, but you always know of someone who may be needing that person, if not by keeping their details and keeping the relationship maintained and then recommending them is what is successful networking, because if you recommend and find work for them, then they will find work for YOU.

Q; After a function what do you do?
Email the new potential client and say “it was so nice to meet you at the function last night, I really enjoyed talking to you, I have kept your business card and if I know or speak to someone who is looking for your services, I will gladly pass on your details. I have also attached a short profile on my business to let you know more about us, I am looking forward to seeing you again”.
Start a database or add the person’s details to your existing data base and USE it, think about the next game of golf or another business group that your new associate might like to come along to.

Q; Explain how you would answer a question about someone you did not like or trust?
First rule of this is most important – IF YOU PUT SOMEONE DOWN IT says more about YOU than it does than about the other business, saying nothing is also just the same as putting them down, it also leaves an impression that says “I wonder what you say about me when I am not around or if someone asks about me”.

Therefore – it is always best to say nothing negative, even if you know they have a bad reputation or dissatisfied customers.
“What do you know about ABC and their business” – “I personally have had no business dealings with them so it makes it hard for me to judge there work or business ethics”. OR “Oh are you looking for a painter, I have not dealt with ABC but I can assure you that I know XYZ is brilliant can I introduce you to him?”.
“Have to heard anything about ABC and their work” – “No nothing that comes to mind, why are you looking for a painter?”
Best even if you have heard something negative to KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, as even though you are “repeating it” the mud also sticks on you as people will associate that knowledge and negatives with you also.

Q: Once a week what should we do?
Get in contact with at least three clients that you have already done business with and just invite them to lunch or breakfast, a drink, coffee or a BBQ, aim at putting together people who MAY do business with each other who may not at this stage know each other. You become known as a person with a lot of contacts and a great source of information, people LOVE to feel special and appreciated by taking the time to introduce others who can work together shows that YOU are interested in not only working with your associates but want to SUPPORTING THEM as well.

Q; should you attend every networking function?
Yes you should be seen at least 90% of the group’s functions, a person who is SEEN will be the one who gets the work, they build the trust and friendships, besides business networking functions are great social events that are usually a lot of fun, especially if you go with a positive attitude.

Q: How quick will I see results?
In some instances – THERE AND THEN, I have seen people at functions exchange work on the spot, especially at functions designed to the sole purpose of networking, I have seen relationships form IMMEDIATELY, for example a party-hire business and a face painter, a function centre and bridal shop. BUT it may not happen for a year or so, networking is about building trust, keeping your business noticed and reminding the other businesses you are there. Networking is something that is not usually successful that first time, but is something that is gradual and continuous once established. A good point to note is that if you have two or three painters and then a person needs a painter they will go to the business they feel most comfortable and friendly with, if you are friends or become friends with a painter then usually you never look beyond that person for any painting job. That is what networking is about. Business is done mostly with people we know and trust, only do we seek business from outside our relationships when we do not know any person or our associates and friends do not know any person who conducts that said line of work.

Q: What time should I turn up – I don’t want to be the first person there?
The majority of networking is done in the first hour of any function, as this is when you are most motivated. I have often seen people walk into a room after a speaker has started missing the most valuable time of the function, so if the event starts at 5pm then be there at 5pm. If you are the first to arrive then make the most of this by being the person at the door saying hello to the attendees. Stay until the end, you don’t have to be the last person there but if you are, then offer to help the host/hostess clean up after the function.

Q: Do I wear a name tag?
I think that these are an extremely effect tool, they give the person a chance to remember your name and business, perhaps instead you can organize to get a name badge made, or better still, have your business card placed in a plastic name badge holder, these look great and can be taken everywhere. Always wear it on your right hand side of your shirt. If you have a logo on your shirt then either just above or below the logo is usually acceptable. You wear it on your right as this is usually were the eye leads, the same as a drink should always be held in the left hand so that you have your right hand free for greetings, if you change hands then you may have wet hands or sticky hands from the glass, so always keep the right one free.

Q; If I go with a friend of partner should we stay together?
I think it is advisable to be seen together for part of the night, about 15% of the duration of the evening, introduce your partner or friend, but think, if you split then you can meet and network with double the amount of new clients. If you then meet someone your partner has already spoken to then the majority of introduction to that person is done. I used to go to chamber functions with a friend and then walk in with her, once settled in that “oh thank god I am here now zone” we would split up and proceed to network. I will always be grateful to that person for making my introduction to networking easier and I in turn now do the same for new members. Getting in the door alone is often the hardest part of the evening, and you are NOT alone is feeling out of your comfort zone, but soon a good smile and a new person can make you feel part of the group.

Q; Look for a person who is alone?
This is usually a person who does not know how to walk into a group or up to a person and IF you are the one to welcome them, then they will be forever grateful. Ask relevant questions and then offer to introduce them around the room, a friendly supportive face is a friend for life and YOU and your business will ALWAYS be remembered.

Q: Don’t be frightened to walk into a group and introduce yourself?
BUT watch for body language if you see they are in huddle with there backs to the room, then they may not wish to be “disturbed”. But if they are open and friendly walk up and then, LISTEN to the conversation, when relevant join in and in the same breath introduce yourself. DO NOT change the topic of conversation as this can be seen as pushy. Smile at the group and be proactive.

Q: Watch for body language and if there is two people having a private conversation do not intrude?
It is the same as a group if you see two people eye to eye and intense then best to leave them be, if you happen to walk into a group or pair that are so obviously taken back, often they are in such a conversation that they do not notice you, but when they do, immediately say “Hi my name is Sharyn, and I was just hoping to meet you, but I can see your busy, I will come back later , sorry for disturbing you”. They will either welcome you with no we are finished or agree to you coming back.

Q: How to WELCOME any person into your conversation or group who has just entered?
Take charge, put you hand on their arm and say hello, my name is Sharyn May I introduce you to the group, “yes thanks my name is John from The Poster Faktory” “Welcome John, this is ……..” Again think of you being the outsider and how welcoming it would be if someone made the effort for you.

Q: If I forget a persons name and they are not wearing a badge what do I do?
Someone walks into the group and you wish to introduce them but you cannot remember the new persons name, then just say, “hello come and join us, my name is Sharyn from MDVS Business Services, why don’t the two of you introduce yourself”. Then you leave it up to them to say their name, you then can be reminded in the same breath. If you are talking to your new associate and you forget their name, then be honest and say, I am sorry can you refresh my memory with your name – but do not ask this more than once if you forget again, it is quite rude and dismissive of that person to ask yet again. If the person is not near you and you are about to embark of a conversation with them ask someone who is near you if they know the name. Then you can walk over with confidence and open with your hand outstretched and say “hello Jim, how are you tonight”. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not shorten, or change a person’s name, if they say their name is Debbie then use it in full do not shorten it to Deb.

Q: What would be some key words never to say?
Work is so busy I am run off my feet – it implies you have no time for new work or if you got it could not fit it in your schedule.
NEVER introduce you self in a negative tone or manner, NEVER start off with, “I thought this would be better organized and have more people here”. Or “Thank God Jim’s not here” AGAIN think common sense and remember anything positive is FANTASTIC and anything negative is a NO NO.

Q: What would be a good way to start selling my products and services at a function to people I meet?
Think of these functions as a introduction source, touch on what you do and then follow up after the function with a meeting to conduct the “sales pitch”, networking sessions are about introductions, if you spend all your time selling to one person then you miss valuable opportunities to meet so many other people, besides it can make you look desperate and can be the start of people avoiding you. Ask the host/hostess PRIOR to the function, phone them for example and ask them is there a table that will be set aside that businesses may leave pamphlets on, never just bring and display your pamphlets as the person organizing the function may not want to advertise any other business so openly that night.
Be respectful of their wishes.

Q: Help me understand some listening skills?
LISTENING is a skill that can be learnt, focus on what the person is telling you, you may not be interested at first but sooner or later something will become common to you both. Do not interrupt when someone is talking, or think about yourself or a answer whilst they are talking, LISTEN all the WAY THROUGH that person’s sentence as when YOU are formulating a response or thinking of a similar situation you cannot be fully listening to your associate. THINK before you answer and look directly at that person. Always feedback any important details or meetings as often what we hear is NOT what is said and this can be a genuine misunderstanding that can cause you to LOSE that customer.

A quiz – ask this to a number of people and I promise you will never get 100% the same answer in any group. I am getting married on the 14th of July and I need to move it back a week. “what day will YOU turn up to the wedding” 50% answer the 7th of July and 50% answer the 21st of July, no right or wrong just a misunderstanding, so feedback would entail, “oh great I will see you then on the 7th July”.

Is the natural progression and one of the most important aspects of networking!:
I often ask at seminars what do people do with cards they pick up that night, and I am usually told, either they throw it out or file it away, I then ask do you refer to them and the answer is sometimes.

If you already have a person who KNOWS your business exists then you already have that person as a CLIENT and as your very own tool for ADVERTISING YOUR business. If you are trusted, known, respected and keep in contact, people who know you WILL recommend you. SO when you obtain a card add it to the database that you will have started NOW…

Then once every two or three months, send a generic but informative e-mail to your list advising them of your specials, any knowledge you may have obtained that may be useful. Use your database to contact someone once a week or so, and invite someone new to lunch or coffee.

Put your data base in excel and keep it SAFE and Backed UP. This day and age you can keep just four basic items of information: Business Name (this usually also tells what the business is, ie, Macs Scuba Diving School), Phone Number, Person to contact and EMAIL address.

Poster Faktory 9594 0835
John Browne
Mdvs Business Support 9529 2828
Sharyn McCaskey

If you keep this database under EXCEL, it is so easy to keep in REGULAR contact with your clients. REMEMBER when you send an e-mail to make sure you send your contact list out under BCC. (refer to * below if you wish to know how to use BCC)

Firstly there is nothing worse than getting an e-mail and finding 60 other e-mail addresses on it, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, and an offence against the Spam Act, so you write your invitation or newsletter on the FRONT of the email (do not send invites as attachments, the main information MUST be on the front of a e-mail – as this is all people often have the time for, only if it truly interests a person will they take the time of open an attachment, send a attachment as a secondary notice ONLY. Then highlight your e-mail listing and copy and paste it under BCC, then your newsletter can reach 750 people in ONE go.

It is best to keep your database under excel rather than your address book, for two main reasons, your address book his a number limit of addresses and in excel you can set up different files for different groups or target markets. EG you may have a friendship list, a chamber list, people who already have DONE business with you, rotary members, etc etc etc…. then you also can have one generic list that includes your entire database.
Remember to back up these lists.

Keep your newsletter or invitation short and to the point, USE bullets over paragraphs if you can and highlight the main element. DO NOT send photos or large text, think of the email arriving on the lowest form of computer and think of how long YOUR email may take to download. Publisher may also be a problem as if the person receiving the e-mail doe not have this program or has an older version then they cannot open it. That is why you keep it simple and only use normal fonts, no graphics etc…. DO NOT use more than TWO colours and only as headings, write your notes in basic black, the colours must also NEVER be yellow, pink, bright blue, bright green, in fact use only Autumn colours.

• Have a BBQ – get them to bring their own meat and drinks.
• Hold a function night yourself at your place of business or host a Business after Hours for your business group.
• Invite a guest speaker in to talk about something INTERESTING to all of your guests, we often get caught up with thinking because it interests us then it must interest everyone. A lot of great speakers will come along for FREE as this also gives them the chance to network themselves to.
• Write a newsletter that has interesting and informative notes, put them in DOT point so that your contacts find them quick and easy to read.
• Contact your local Golf CLUB and work with them to hold a golf day.
• Organize monthly lunches at a local restaurant and invite business along that you know may wish to do business with each other.
• Hold a VIP night at your place of business.

BCC – Go to Microsoft outlook express
Go to new message
Go to view
TICK for all headers…………………. Then proceed to use BCC…
Phrases that may HELP you:
“hello my name is Sharyn and how are you tonight”
“have you been in business long”
“I see you were talking to Jim, how long have you known each other”
“I love your uniform, where did you get it”
“Do you know any great things to do here in town”
“Are you a home based business or do you operate from a commercial premises”
“isn’t this a fantastic venue”
“isn’t the food great”
“I heard about this new seminar on next week, do you know about it”
“Oh Jim’s Shop – can you tell me more about your business and what you do?”.

For people you may have already met, then touch on something you
“Hi Michelle, thanks for tip last week it was great”
“Oh Michael, how did the trip go”
People LOVE that you have remembered them and it shows that you have a genuine interest, this will go very far towards building a solid relationship.

Be aware of getting personal or talking about a person’s height, arms etc if they are out of the ordinary as they may find it not easy to talk about. I have a dear friend who is very tall and the first thing everyone says when they met him, is “my your so tall”, it gets old fast.

Avoid talking about anything with a woman, such as nice legs, or nice broach or anything to girlie. Some women may find this pleasant but try always to think of something professional.

THE best lines are:
1. Genuine Smile, Friendly Hello my name is ……. “how are you”?.
2. Genuine Smile, Genuine Hello, Jim it is nice to see you again”.

NETWORK experiences that have worked for me and can easily work for you, it shows that even the most amazing places you can create work for YOU, We all have experience and we all can CREATE our own experiences, sometimes we just need to think outside the circle…

1. I was in Singapore with a girlfriend, she was asleep and I went to the pool, I sat on one side of the pool a man was on the other, it started to rain, we both got up and ended up in the same elevator, said hello and then both got off same floor, laughed and went our own ways, next day at traffic lights,
“oh hello did I not meet you in the hotel yesterday, my name is Sharyn”
“yes you did I’m Scott”.
“Scott we are going to Santosa Island today and you”
“SO am I”
“Great then come with us”
It turned out Scott was from a training company in Queensland, and we have since conducted many sessions together, plus his company has purchased copies of my Debt Manuals, they have also used my Customer Service manuals as a basis for their training. I am so excited as Scott’s business partner, Melanie and I, have received a request to front a business documentary in 2006.

2. Christine runs a decorator service, she attended the Debt Collection course in 2003, then recommended the course over time to three other people, each time I rang and thanked her and also advised her how each session ended, I took her recommendations very seriously and was very appreciative of her support. This week I received a phone call from an editor in chief of a business magazine who asked if I would like to write a column for the magazine, ON CHRISTINE’S recommendation.
HUGH profile for me received on genuine support and great networking opportunities.

Both these support my industry, you may be involved in another industry such as mechanics, events or beauty therapy and may like to think of ways in which you can work networking into your industry. But it just goes to show that you NEVER know who, where, when or how you may be effecting someone and MUST always think of this every time you speak to anyone, as in the case of Christine, she knew someone that I could help but mostly who could REALLY help me.

3. Networking can be done anywhere and can result in great friendships or common interests and sometimes can be achieved from a funny moment. A story that comes to mind:-

My goddaughters christening in 2001, we were all sitting around a table and I was talking to the priest, a very good looking man, we talked about computers and diving, he gave me his card and I placed it in my bra, he laughed and said “oh my that is the closest I am every going to get to sex” , with that comment we became firm mates, he also had friends who were on mine sites and from our friendship, he referred me to the chaplain in some mine sites of which I was “employed” to work with some miners and their families who were having money issues.

By not being pushy, by just talking in conversations, by developing contacts and following up with them you can find the most amazing results and direction that your business and social life can go into that you NEVER imagined.

This manual is not about teaching you new things, it is about the ideas, knowledge and know how being brought to the surface, mostly it is about enforcing the notion of networking and bringing to the surface what you already knew, for women, it is like when you are pregnant then all of a sudden there is heaps of expectant mums around, the same with this, by actively thinking about this – THEN IT WORKS.

If there are items that are new to you, then fantastic
Life is about learning every day something new and interesting.

There are also thousands of sites on the Internet aimed solely on this subject, just conduct a goggle search and there they are!, then proceed to a advanced search, type in how to Networking in Business. You will be shocked at the information available at your fingertips.

GOALS for you to follow up and action:-
1. Formulate a Networking Strategy
2. Build a Networking Tool Kit
3. Focus on the Networking Groups
4. Have a ONE PAGE profile on file so you can e-mail it next working day
5. Go to a networking function and make sure you introduce yourself to ONE person who you have not met before.
6. Go to networking function and ask a person you know introduce you to someone you don’t know.
7. Write a profile about your business that can be said in 60 seconds?
8. Learn this 60 second profile so that it just comes naturally to you in conversation.
9. Name three businesses you would recommend and now call them and tell them? (Ask for their cards).

Few have achieved Master Networking status. They have developed their networking to the point where it is generating a continuous stream of referrals – not just for their own business, but for other people they know – and they know lots of people. THEREFORE, if the person in front of you can help someone you know, INTRODUCE THEM, if that other person is not there, then obtain the business card of your new associate and ALSO write your “friends” details on the back of YOUR Card.

Use body language to your advantage.
Smile, tall posture, maintain eye contact and firm hand shake = Confidence.

Clean professional attire.
Look in a mirror TWICE before you go to a function, look and see what you are wearing and what does it say about you.

Be brief and do not go on.
Write and remember a 60 second introduction about YOU and your business, if asked a question give a direct answer. Do not use your industry talk as if the person is not in your industry what you say may go over there head. Keep your information SIMPLE.

Bring along extra business cards.
Each person you meet should receive two, so they can refer future prospects your way. Try and always have some in your wallet, some in your car and in your office.

Have fun and ENJOY yourself!
Networking should be regarded as fun, social and exciting. People always gravitate towards happy, positive and smiling people.

Meet someone you have never met before.
It is easy to start conversations and people usually love talking about themselves or their business. Make the goal in your conversations to connect rather than impress. Walk up and smile and say HELLO.

Don’t be rude.
Sounds obvious but have ever had your hand shaken in greeting by a person whose eyes flick to your face and then immediately scan the room to see if there is someone more important they should be speaking to? Focus on who you are with.

Meet a number of different people.
Networking nights are about introductions; endeavor to meet at least 3 people before you leave.

Speak to the people you know near the end of the function.
It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone and stay with people you know, meet three new people then go and introduce them to people you already know, that way you are being a master networker and maintaining your relationships.

If you arrive with a friend or colleague!
Then split up once you have said hello to the host and connect later in the function.

Network everywhere!.
Use every opportunity you have to meet new people. Invite them to functions, obtain their details and keep in contact. You never know where you will meet your BIGGEST client, or who will introduce them.

Don’t forget to network for others.
If you recommend others they in turn will recommend you. SEND business to others.

Always follow up.
You’ve made the connection now follow up. Email or phone within 48 hours, say something positive about your meeting, send though a profile on your business, products and services.

Be honestly enthusiastic, motivated and above all trustworthy.
Be genuine about your abilities and get excited about other businesses. Always be honest and NEVER ever be negative about another person or business.

Put your reputation on the line.
When you refer one person to another, you put your reputation on the line. You have to be able to trust your referral partner and be trusted in return. Neither you nor anyone else will refer a contact or valuable information to someone who can’t be trusted to handle it well.

Learn good listening skills!.
Focus, feedback and listen all the way through to a person.

Public Speaking:
Seek opportunities to speak about yourself, keep it brief, at events and functions. Hold your own business functions or seminars.

You will only get out of networking
What you put into it!
Think outside the circle and
Be amazed and who can do
Business for you and who will do business with you!.

I do hope you have enjoyed this manual and I thank you for taking the time to read this, if you would like to know about our other programs or manuals, please do not hesitate to contact MDVS Business Services on 9529 2828 or 0408 863331.


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