LONG POST BUT IMPORTANT – especially if you admin a GROUP.
Published October 2015.

I am sometimes alarmed at some of the comments on Facebook.

Yesterday I had a lovely private message with a lady who asked a question about a review and being threatened with legal action. We rewrote her review and I believe she reposted it but in a way that didn’t risk her being sued.

I am also aware of an individual who has sought legal action for defamation and slander in Baldivs for FB bulling and comments on a group that has incurred over the last two weeks. This is before a solicitor right now and screen shots have been submitted as I understand it.

Facebook is a legal platform and all comments are actionable in the supreme court.

I have taught Facebook in schools, in communities and for businesses, over 25,000 attendees in the last few years www.mdvs.com.au is my site.

I also owned at the time Rockingham Process Servers and have been serving court papers for 15 years. During that time I have served more than the average with actions either of a cease and desist order or court procedures for Facebook comments. I know of associates in Perth who have seen a major increase in this type of service.

As admins your legally responsible for everything listed on here and further there are cases in court RIGHT NOW
(July 2018 Update… those cases were settled prior to going to court and as is often the case, the settlements are not allowed to be publicly advised)

Some of the advise I have seen on FB is was scary, one even suggesting to name and shame people. Another suggested they couldn’t take action as it was on Facebook, which is so incorrect. ANYONE can take action against anyone for anything, it is whether the courts proceed and the ACCC deem Facebook to be the same platform as what would be for a newspaper, with the group admins as the editors. However legal costs incur as soon as you need a solicitor and that is usually around $450 per hour.

I am not saying DON’T complain if you have an issue just do so in a way that is not going to get you in court.

I am not saying don’t vent, just do so that doesn’t risk your income, family and your property. If a judgement is made against you in court. Some of these cases that tens of thousands in damages have been awarded are of public record.

Consider if someone takes action the cost of the result is NOT THE ISSUE it is the cost of defending an action and the average legal cost PER HOUR is $450 per hour, you will pay tens of thousands in the defence and if you settle or lose you could well be paying for the plaintiffs cost as well.

Just be careful and do your own due diligence to all those who write on Facebook… Many businesses, politicians and individuals are now fighting back.

My point of this post is simply to consider how one writes a post. Then today (2015) on my news feed this article came up and I though HOW APT I will share it.

IF anyone has any questions I am happy to answer them.


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Sharyn McCaskey from Mdvs Business Services is a well respected Facebook Marketing Specialist, who has trained over 25000 attendees in Facebook Marketing. These include business operators, corporations, not for profits, schools, members of associations and as a representative of some chambers of commerce.

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Sharyn McCaskey from Mdvs Business Services is a well respected Facebook Marketing Specialist, who has trained over 15000 attendees in Facebook Marketing.