Reviews are the life blood of a business.

Do you want more Facebook and Google Reviews? If so here are some tips.

Whilst a certain number of people will organically write a positive review for a business, thousands more would gladly also do it ….. IF we asked.

• Ask the customer at the end of the sale either face to face or in a follow up email.
• Ask the customer at the point of sale in a poster on your sales counter.
• Ask the customer in the email you send out that also attaches the account, set up a standard email in your MYOB or Zero or as I did using Invoice2Go.

There is a certain finesse to asking for reviews and I have some emails below you can use.

Another way is have a flyer on your counter, if you’re a café on the table, behind the toilet door at your business so they have something to read whilst their sitting there, or in the reception room.

Perhaps you’re signage could say something like:
Welcome to ABC, it’s nice to have you here, the WIFI password is 12345dcf67. Whilst you’re on line, please use your Facebook or Instagram to CHECK IN to our establishment.

OR If you don’t offer WIFI, something like:
Thank you for joining us here at ABC, marketing today is tough and people love to read reviews, they are the life blood of any business, would you please write a review for us when you have a minute, we’d really appreciate it, our page is … Name Your Page Here.

OR A poster saying:
Welcome to ABC, if you have a moment would you kindly CHECKIN on your Facebook App and let people know you’re here, why not include a photo.

Asking your customers to CHECK IN using their Facebook app to your business IS MARKETING GOLD, for two reasons, the check-ins go on that customers personal page and tells all their friends they are supporting your business and the next day Facebook sends them a notification to say, you checked in to ABC yesterday, why not write them a review.

It’s always best for YOUR page if they add a photo during that check-in/post as you can use that check in for your marketing for your future posts on your page, I often share customers check-ins to our page saying thank you to them for being a customer.

Here is a few email templates that also may help you. Feel free to play around with the content. You can ask for a Facebook OR Google review or adapt the letters below to ask for either of them, make it easier by adding your own link / URL to your page into the request.

Email Template #1
Thank you for using ABC.
This business is owned by John and Mary Smith, both of us are community minded and we’re a family owned business living and working within this great city.
Today businesses succeed or fail on reviews. New customers will always look to see what others have said about a business before they call or make a decision.
If you’re willing can you do one of these.
1. Reply to this email with your positive review and we can use it in our marketing.
2. Write us a review on Google, simply go to and type in the search section our business name and then follow the prompts in order to leave a review. It’s on the right hand side of the page if you’re on a desktop.
3. Open up our Facebook page (use your URL here) and follow the prompts to leave us a review.
Whilst our feedback is consistently positive we acknowledge that on rare occasions for various reasons we may have not met your satisfaction 100%. We ask that if this is the case you allow us to rectify any issue, all we ask is that you give us a chance to fix it by talking to us first.
We look forwarding to hearing from you and perhaps seeing you again.
Thanks again so much
John and Mary Smith

Email Template #2
How often do you use online reviews to decide if you wish to use a business?
In today’s world online reviews are so important to a business, so may I ask a favour…..
Will you take a moment of your time to write down a few lines on our Google page.
Head to and then type in the search bar MDVS Business Services (Name your business here).
If you’re on a desktop look to the right of the page and you’ll see our information and link that says write a review.
It’s a very quick and easy way for you to make a difference in our business promotions.
We really appreciate your time and your business!

Email Template #3
I’m writing to thank you for choosing us.
Our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations and we hope we have achieved that.
Because social media is so crucial in today’s marketing, we have been focusing on increasing our Facebook presence. Would you be willing to leave us a review on Facebook? It should only take a couple minutes and would make an immense difference to our business.
If you’re willing, you can follow this link (use your URL here) to leave a positive Facebook review for us.
Please let me know if you are not pleased with us and we can speak about it personally so you’re sure you’ve been heard and your concern addressed, my number is 0408863331.
Thank you again for your business and your time!

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Sharyn McCaskey from Mdvs Business Services is a well-respected Facebook Marketing Specialist, who has trained over 25,000 attendees in Facebook Marketing.
She manages the marketing of a select few clients and is considered one of Perth’s most respected Facebook specialist.
Sharyn is a South Coast Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year and is constantly a winner or finalist in many business awards, from Business Centres and Chambers of Commerce, including Micro Business Operator in 2015 and Winner again in 2017 and nominated for a life time award in 2019.
Sharyn has flown/driven to 27 regional towns/districts nationally teaching Facebook marketing including the major tourist destination Jindabyne NSW and Ned Kelly Tourist region Jerrilderie NSW.
Most attendees of Sharyn’s seminars are referrals from past clients and her own organic reach is not unheard of to hit 28,000 with 700 likes and her clients get those results as well.
Sharyn is currently sharing with one other marketing specialist, the PR and Social Media Marketing Support for Rotary In Western Australia.

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