Notes from my talk with the City of Kwinana to community groups and how to make Facebook work for them.

Points for the talk included are…
• People are emotive … you have to make your group fun and inviting… make it so that I want to be there, I want to be involved and I FEEL I will be welcomed.

• Keep your posts short and simple, do a post a day for 5 days a week but make it different days each week and at different times.

• People buy on the want, desire or the need – How does your group fit into this.

• What are my objectives and what am I trying to achieve?

• Write then down, do I need more members, more sponsorship .. what.. start with the end in mind and work back…

• Not everyone knows about your group therefore jot down every little thing, uniforms, do you stop playing during school holidays, costs, who is already a member, sponsorships, scholarships, tell me more…. So many people post as if everyone knows what’s in their head, take it to basics… consider I know nothing about your group there walk me through at a basic introduction and then make each of those basic points ONE post.

• When posting make sure you ONLY make your post with one photo attached or one video.

• Change your cover photo weekly and use it as sponsor of the week, player of the week, make sure when you upload that cover photo that you also double click on the photo and write a comment.

• If you’re going to make your post have more than ONE photo then CREATE an album…

• At least once a week make a post that has a phone number or email contact on it, many people think its on my page and yes it is, but people only generally look as far as the wall that the post appears on and rarely do people click to your page, so make it easy to contact me and find me.

• Have a call to action like I have at the bottom of this blog, keep it in a word document so that you can cut and paste it when you need to. it is always good to post the call to action sign off on your cover photos.

• As a rule of thumb Facebook posts should be a two sentences, if you have gone where the reader has to click see more, then your post is to long.

• If you need a long post, create a NOTE, this is Facebooks version of a blog. (google how do I create a note)

• A cover photo comment should be more than a few lines, this is where a good call to action sign off works well.

Don’t ALWAYS make your posts about the group/association, consider education or funny stuff to about your sports, and remember Google is your friend in finding content.

• Do not always make it the same photo, same story, same thing … varied and different photos and posts keep your Facebook interesting.

• Make your post EMOTIVE and personal, the best person to manage a page is someone with a happy attitude. Consider something like this….
“Can you see how much fun we’re having, now can you see yourself here to, if so call 0408000000 and join us, we love meeting new people”.

• Have multiple admins in case someone dies, or moves on, plus multiple admins mean that different personalities come across the page.

• Everyone admin should post BUT don’t overdo it, check the scheduler to make sure your not trumping someone else’s post, one post a day is enough.

• You should have a Facebook page for public promotion as this means you get to double barrel your marketing and your page has people being able to LIKE it without asking to JOIN a group, this means people can watch you before making a decision to join.

• Once you have created a page, type in Google how do I create a Facebook business page and follow the promotes, its easy to do …

• Once you have created the business page, then download on your smart phone the APP PAGES, it’s a white background with an orange flag.

• Then on your phone the APP Facebook belongs to your personal page and the APP Pages belongs to your business group.

• Learn to Schedule your posts, both on the business page and the group page, again Google is your friend, just type in how do I schedule a post on Facebook on a phone, then how do I scheduled posts on Facebook on a desktop and how do I schedule posts in a Facebook group.

• If you have a game, show, exhibition or whatever use the Create An Event page on your Facebook page, this is an excellent way of getting people to your event.

• Consider making a film on your iPhone, Facebook LOVE films no more than a few minutes.. Make a film about everything, the game, what members think, reviews, a fun time people are having, how to’s, ask a member a question.. anything…

• Take candid shots AVOID the same gym/game photos over and over.. make them different .. and remember if you take a photo on a slight angle it attracts more attention as your eyes say that doesn’t look straight.

• Consider you’re a football team, or a Acting group, if so then look at following the pages of the professionals playing leagues or what plays are on at other theatres, then share their events or information to your group so that its not always you, you and you.

• Invite people out, design an individual flyer or more personal invite and hand these out … take a photo of it and put it on your page.

• Do a list of WHY become a member… write down 20 reasons and there you have 20 posts.


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THIS MAY ALSO HELP.. But just so you know I didn’t write it.
Facebook tips from a Tennis Association page that suggests these items for a tennis club.
Now how can you adapt these to your page.

• Select an engaging cover photo and something that shows why your fans would want to engage with your club
• Always ask permission of the subject in photos if you can use it on Facebook
• When using someone else’s images, make sure you credit the photographer/source (give credit where credit is due)
• Focus on content that is going to be useful to your audience e.g. Events, team results, club news, coaching tips • Consider club promotions and how this could link to your Facebook profile i.e. ‘Like’ our Facebook page to receive 10% off your first lesson
• Use photos and videos as your primary source of content. These result in the highest engagement.
• Have multiple admins (people who can update) so that the responsibility doesn’t solely rest on one person
• Update at least 2-3 times per week. Entice people to give you a ‘like’. Avoid multiple updates in short spaces of time
• Compile a list of community guidelines or “house rules” to encourage productive participation by users and grow a transparent community
• Once you’ve entered a link into the status update, you can delete the URL for a cleaner look
• Keep content short and sweet
• Ask questions at the end – posts ending with a question have a higher engagement rate as fans are not distracted from providing a response
• Test and learn – take advantage of Facebook insights to understand what ‘type’ of posts elicit the most engagement • Flexibility is important: listen, learn and act – continue to closely monitor your communities; you never know what might come from it
• Make sure you are posting as your club and not your personal account
• Don’t ignore or delete complaints – this shows you don’t care and/or is hiding something
• @Tag others in posts (done by placing the @ symbol in front of the page you want to tag e.g. @AustralianOpen)
• If you have your message inbox on, try and check regularly and respond to any urgent enquiries
• ‘Like’ other pages that your page should be interested in. (e.g. The Australian Open ‘likes’ Roland-Garros, Wimbledon,
Roger Federer, Serena Williams’ pages)
• Schedule posts for times when you know people will be checking social media, but you won’t be in the office. These
can be accessed through the activity log

more of these can be found at

Sharyn McCaskey talking to community members at a City of Kwinana Workshop