Whilst this won’t happen overnight it will happen, my suggestion is to follow up on these items over a three month period, action ONE a day then in 6 months the pay off begins. This long blog is written for those that have some idea of Google and Social Media so for those brand new it may be confusing.

picture2I feel that this is a main issue with understanding Google, people want traction at number one or at multiple listings instantly, it’s a long haul job and one that needs to be maintained, however once set up you get to DOMINATE the front page, not just be one click in the link.

So how do you do it? Its simple, truly it is and mostly it’s FREE but in the initial stages it’s time consuming. The time is worth the investment; just do one bit of the set up every day, an hour a day until it’s finished or go gung ho and get it done within days. Then simply maintain the programs which take around 3 hours a week.

Put simply SEO is about:-
20% CONTENT, the words used to describe your business on your site.
30% SEO that is paid for
50% SOCIAL MEDIA which is why a Facebook page can often trump a website in a Google search.

Tell someone you love your user names and passwords, share those details with someone close and someone you trust and add them to your will, because if you die you need people to have access to them to either sell your business or to delete the pages and Facebook and social media profile. All these extra site and social media platforms form part of the value of the business, the more you have the more you use the more valuable your business is. These should be listed as part of the asset of your business and hold real cash value.

Here we go and remember don’t be overwhelmed just do one of it, or employ someone to do all of it, but just do it, start with anyone you want, it makes no difference.

1. Good SEO paid for on your website and it MUST be responsive.
Good SEO that is relevant must be on your website and on your social media platforms, plus your site must be responsive to all platforms such as a desktop, Iphone, Ipad and Laptop, Google likes wordpress the best, does it have keywords, remove the home link and name it something relevant to your business, don’t use About us its to generic, when creating your header use About MDVS or in your case About ABC, do you want to be found locally or globally, there are so many variables to this, however if you want GOOD SEO I recommend getting a report off someone who you found at number one. Make sure the photos are SEOed; you want them to have a description as you want to be found not only on the net but under images. 99.9% of photos on a website are not SEOed.
BE AWARE of FALSE readings, consider your already in your browser history if your computer already has you searching for you, or the person who is showing you how good they are, DON’T LOOK at what they are already working on, Facebook out to your friends and ask them to type in your keywords, for me it would be “Facebook Trainer in Rockingham”. Many times website developers have shown a site at page one, but their friends find them on their computers on page 3 or 4 that’s a true listing one that hasn’t been searched before.

2. Create a FREE YouTube Account in your Business Name
YouTube is owned by Google so they love it when you use their products.
Make sure it gets SEO optimized; fill in all the keywords, spaces and use a photo that is relevant to the page. When uploading any videos note that the header is what people will be searching for, so don’t use the same generic header instead name your video what people will be looking for, such as “how to use the app Pages for Facebook Marketing by MDVS Business Services” then in the comments section explain what it is, then copy from the word document, the one your about to create after reading this, (I have one below as the sign from this blog), this should always be your sign off for anything you do, this should have everything about your business, your name and your call to action including your phone number and website, Instagram, LinkedIn site, your Facebook Url. When adding in your website to anything on line this is IMPORTANT don’t type in www.mdvs.com.au as YouTube reads it as words, type in the http:// this is what creates the hyperlink connection to your site, so it should look like this https://mdvs.com.au/
Sign off all your blogs and comments on YouTube and make sure you’re filled in fully on each platform with a call to action and full of information. Make it easy to find you, so that people don’t have to go looking for you.

3. Upload your Business to FREE sites that act as Web Directories.
Here is a list of FREE sites and information on how to make it work for your business. These sites are excellent at pushing your business forward. Consider now instead of one needle in a haystack that is Google and you’re the needle, you now are 50 needles, it really works, especially if you take the time to fill all the sites in properly.
When updating your website on these sites add the http://www.etc in order to create the hyper link.
You may get people then calling you asking to see if you would like to build a website just say “no thanks”.

I keep the same information in a word document as the directory submissions involve entering the same information repeatedly so avoid wasting a lot of time. Gather the following information into one document:
• 2-3 Business listing titles
• Submission email address
• Business contact email address
• Business phone number
• Social media links
• 2-3 unique business descriptions (Typically 200 words max)
• Square logo image (300px is best viewed on most websites)
• 5 business related images
• Business ABN
Cut and Pasting this will make the process much faster.

1. Business.google.com – no www
2. http://www.dlook.com.au
3. http://www.google.com/local/add
4. http://www.gumtree.com.au
5. http://www.hotfrog.com.au
6. www.local.com.au
7. http://www.sensis.com.au
8. www.truelocal.com.au
9. www.tucows.com
10. www.whitepages.com.au
11. www.womo.com.au
12. www.yellowpages.com.au
13. www.yelp.com.au
14. www.rockingham.wa.gov.au

– or your own local council always has a portal for your business

There are more and I am always happy to add extra free relevant sites to this list so if you have something I have not added feel free to email it to me at mdvs@iinet.net.au

Directory Submission Tips, here are a few suggestions.
• Search each directory for the business name and url to ensure no duplicate listings are created if they have been made by the platform for you then claim them.
• Use consistent login details for easy follow-up, same email and same password for each one.
• Make listings as complete as possible to maximize value.
• Vary titles and descriptions to create a unique listing.
• Expect a few phone calls from directories up selling premium listings just say no thanks.
• Check for confirmation emails immediately and after 5 days.

These are ok but not as relevant, just type them in as a web address if your going to use them.

• www.localbd.com.au
• www.localbusinessguide.com.au
• www.localstore.com.au
• www.raveaboutit.com.au
• www.aussielocal.com.au
• www.aussieweb.com.au
• www.businesslistings.net.au
• www.comeonaussie.com
• www.companylist.com.au
• www.shopseek.com.au
• www.startlocal.com.au
• www.superpages.com.au
• www.yalwa.com.au
• www.yellowbook.com.au


Type in under a Google search your business name, not the website but your name, hit entre, then on the right hand side of the page there should be your details, your photos, your website and Google reviews, if you haven’t got one, CREATE IT NOW, if it states, at the bottom, “is this your business if so claim it”, then CLAIM IT and follow the prompts its very easy.
To create your own Google review/places type without the www     Business.google.com
Then follow the prompts.
This IS the most important thing you should do for your marketing on line!

5. Have an active Social Media Presence.
Pick your platform, you don’t need to be on all of them, but be active on at least 2 or if you can 3 of them, for me its Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, I do have a YouTube Channel and a Pinstagram, you may decided to use TripAdvisor and Snapchat, there is also twitter but Aussies really haven’t adapted to it like they have in the USA, however just pick which is right for your demographic and actively work those platforms, IMPORTANT don’t use a program that posts once and posts over each platform, they’re seen as spammy by your clients and by each social media business and tend to not promote those posts much, each platform is for different audiences, so upload for that demographic, you wouldn’t play hip hop in an old persons home.

Facebook = socially professional platform for adults, 65% woman from 18-65
LinkedIn = Professional who’s who and a great platform to connect business to business
Instagram = excellent if your business is visual
Blogger = for everyone and any business
Pinstagram = photos and more photos and then more photos
Snapchat = a quick look at something mostly for the young, this site should not be overlooked
TripAdvisor = for the tourism and self enjoyment business
YouTube = your own private TV channel everyone should have one in their business name
Google + = tried to be Facebook, didn’t really achieve it
Twitter = short bursts of information, doesn’t really have that connection in Australia, its massive in the USA
For more exact information ask me or Google “types of social media for the audience”
There are hundreds of social media sites, I have just picked a handful, and you only need a handful.

I use a desktop app which I bought from www.grum.co it costs me $3.95USD a month, basically it looks like and acts like a Facebook page, meaning you can upload and schedule photos, stories and your posts, make comments and reply but best thing for me is I then cut and paste all my #hashtags into my posts so I don’t have to do all 30 of them over and over. It saves me hours every week and is so user friendly; if you can use Facebook you can use grum.co
This is an example of my # hashtags
#facebookspecialist #mdvsbusinessservices #mdvsfacebookspecialist #marketing
#smallbusiness #sharynmccaskey #rockingham #liveinthemoment #business #googlesearch #webtraffic #optimization #content #socialmediatips #communitymanager #smtips #smm #contentmarketing #branding #startuplife #branding101 #mdvsfacebookclients #clients #facebooktraining #iteachfacebook #facebookmanagement #mdvsfacebookteacher #socialmedia #digitalmarketing #marketing
The only place the website link works on Instagram is on the profile page, so just note if you put one on your comments when posting on your Instagram your liker’s will have to input that website manually, it does not create a hyperlink like it does on Facebook, the only place it does create the link is on your profile/home page.

What is # for: – Firstly NOT FOR FACEBOOK, it does not work on Facebook, look at Facebook’s page, Mark Zuckerbergs page or Mari Smith the world specialist in Facebook, a poll on the algorithm that Facebook uses was actioned on one million posts, with 200,000 including the #, those posts held the least amount of reach to being seen on Facebook and Facebook’s reach considers them like “spam”.

Hashtags: – A word or phrase preceded by the hash sign #, used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic. “Spammers often broadcast with popular hashtags even if the tweet has nothing to do with them”

IMPORTANT when you #hashtag your business or someone else does you get NO NOTIFICATION therefore anyone can be saying anything or asking any question thinking the # is a connection, therefore every now and then in the Facebook search bar type in #yourbusinessname this will show you any comment that includes your name that someone has preceded with the #

* Quote “Facebook posts without hashtags fare better than those with hashtags.”
* A 2016 report from BuzzSumo, which analysed more than a billion Facebook posts from over 30 million brand Pages, came to exactly the same conclusion – posts without hashtags generated more reach than those with tags added.
* As noted in research by Socialbakers, the use of more hashtags leads to significantly less engagement on Facebook.
* “I think people feel they can be useful in very specific cases like an event or a promotion, with the proper support of other media, but I’m not sure it’s moving the needle when it comes to regular content.”

To clarify Instagram has a relationship of sharing its content to Facebook, Facebook DOES NOT have the same relationship and what you post on Facebook is not sent to your Instagram page it’s a big misconception.

Further for best practice in your business, DO NOT have the post sent from your Instagram to your Facebook as if your customers see the post on both sites they feel like you have spammed the page not made relevant and real content, far less comments and likes are actioned on dual posts and Facebook does not push out the reach on a post not made on its platform, same as can be said if you’re posting using Hootsuite or another third party app.

However 100 percent of your liker’s see your Instagram post on Instagram where as only a small percentage and those who remain active to your page will see your Facebook post, hence why on Facebook the goal is to create a post that requires a comment or creates an emotion like a photo of a puppy, or something that pulls at your heart.

EXPERTS IN SOCIAL MEDIA ALL AGREE: – STOP THE # on Facebook if you want organic reach.
If you have to use it then use only 1 # and control it, I use at times #mdvsfacebookspecialist as it is the name of my Instagram account and only relevant not all over the post.

6. Use Your Iphone to Film 2-3 minute quick informative or fun videos
Your Smartphone cameras are actually better than some high priced and high powered cameras. Download the App YouTube to your phone and download the App Pages to your phone, both are free, the app Facebook on your phone is your personal account the app Pages goes directly to your business page and you then act as your business.
Facebook gives better reach to videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook over videos that are imported from YouTube, so upload them to your Facebook page and place the relevant comments and then upload them to your YouTube channel and place different content, including signing off using all your relevant calls to action as discussed above. You can film yourself sprouting a sales pitch, or what your staff are up to, an overview of your products, you can film anything that is in good taste, just keep it light, simple and fun and no more than a few minutes and its ok to make mistakes and upload those, in fact there the best kind.
I kid you not to film something quick then upload it to social media once you’re comfortable with the process takes less than 5 minutes yes is a very powerful marketing tool and once you know how to do it you’ll wonder why it took so long to get started on it.

7. Blogs
Keep them short, simple and informative with a direct call to action at the end, now I know this is not a short and simple blog but hey you have read this far as it is educational.
Upload everything to your website, your Facebook, your LinkedIn and any other social media platform, however they need to be different on each site, as Google down ranks multiple and exact copies, so you will need to change up before you load up and if you can always add photos, your own photos not stock images.
People say what can I blog about, anything, your prices, how to find you, why you’re in business, what is special about you, your products, each product, anything.

8. SEO your photos
Save all your photos with relevance, why save it image 1234 save it as MDVS Facebook Workshop on the 3rd December 2016. Consider how easier it is to find a photo that has a title, now it’s not that easy there is more to it to gain SEO but at least it’s a start to SEOing your images, if you want to know more about his method to gain SEO for your photos, either ask the referrals below or have them do it for you.

So this is a start and a finish of it in a nutshell.
It’s not that hard only it looks that hard. Go for It I have faith in you.


• I can highly recommend Peter Butler from http://www.smarterwebsites.com.au/ or a SEO report.
• I can highly recommend Glenn from http://www.perthlocalmarketing.com.au/ for anything YouTube, including learning how to film effectively and to SEO your channel to its full effect.
• I can highly recommend Rhonda Chapman from http://www.rhondachapman.com.au/ for any courses on blogging or to blog on your behalf. Rhonda is exceptional at what she does.
• Jo Saunders is ranked number 5 as the LinkedIn expert in Australia, so for LinkedIn I call on Wildfire Social Marketing http://www.wildfiresocialmarketing.com/
• To learn Instagram we refer to Michelle at CTMA Consultants http://www.ctmac.com.au/
• FACEBOOK is ME https://mdvs.com.au Sharyn McCaskey

Remember everything you spend on your business is a tax deduction.


78% of Rockingham residents are on Facebook.
That’s thousands of potential clients.
Customers search on line when wanting to purchase, it isn’t the future it’s NOW.
Google often rank an active Facebook page higher than a website in a search.
People do business with those they know, like and trust Facebook builds all 3.
Market your business daily for FREE would you like me to help?



Here is the sign off that I use:-

Sharyn McCaskey from Mdvs Business Services is a well respected Facebook Marketing Specialist, who has trained over 15000 attendees in Facebook Marketing. These include business operators, corporations, not for profits, schools, members of associations and as a representative of some chambers of commerce.

Her seminars are NOT Bait and Sell, everything you need is shared during the workshop, plus you receive 12 months of support, a 62 page intensive how to manual, she is available 24/7 and it also includes attending a second time if you feel you want a refresher – all at NO cost.

She manages a select few clients and was awarded three years in a row, one of Perth’s most influential business people.

Sharyn is a South Coast Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year and is constantly a winner or finalist in many business awards, from Business Centres and Chambers of Commerce, including Micro Business Operator in 2015.

Sharyn has flown/driven to 27 regional towns/districts nationally teaching Facebook marketing including the major tourist destination Jindabyne NSW and Ned Kelly Tourist region Jerrilderie NSW.

Most attendees of Sharyn’s seminars are referrals from past clients and her own organic reach is not unheard of to hit 28,000 with 700 likes and the clients whose pages she manages have achieve similar results.

MDVS Business Services offers
Facebook Marketing Management of your Page for $99.00 per week
Facebook Training including understanding marketing on social media $249.00 per workshop
Facebook Strategy and Brainstorm for content workshops $179.00
Facebook Set up of professional pages with SEO relevance $295.00
We can write your Professional Social Media Policy $500.00

Sharyn McCaskey your Facebook Marketing Specialist.
0408 863331 – available 24/7