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I was the keynote speaker at the Peel Chamber of Commerce 5 after 5 Sundowner on the 11th July 2017 and this was the speech…

Tonight, is going to be an overview only, if we were to talk all things Facebook we would be here for a week and by the time we finished that week Facebook would have changed it anyway.

I talk fast and my workshops are for those who don’t like the death by PowerPoint, they’re very interactive and about having you leaving with tangible business support.

Write down what is useful and you will ONLY take ONE thing from this, that is the same as anything, your mind takes what is most useful to you. However here is the biggest tip DON’T worry about changing all your social media and marketing just change and implement ONE point, then when you have mastered that do another thing. That way YOU will make the changes.

DON’T worry about tonight as everything in on my website FREE in the Blogs section under Sharyn talks to PEEL Chamber of Commerce. There is also HEAPS of other useful information there…

Tonight, is my truth to the way I action Facebook and Instagram, I have aimed tonight’s talk at LOCAL connections. Did you know over 60,000 residents of Mandurah have an active Facebook page!

We’re not going to go into ads or stats, the truth is that unless you understand why people are on social media and what exactly is marketing then Facebook /Instagram won’t work.

A properly run Facebook page can at times trump a website in a google search.

Today people care more about what others say about you than what you say about you.

Why are people using social media? It’s not about YOU it’s about them, they want to feel important and feel like they have a voice and are validated, therefore they will share and like what is relevant to them and makes them look good. When someone gives a review or a referral it makes them feel knowledgeable and listened too. People want to be heard and seen and valued.

90% of people are on Facebook and Instagram on a PHONE, therefore it is important that your posts have THUMBSTOPPING material. How will your post appear on the wall, that is why you use graphics that grab and only one photo or video, we have a millisecond to grab the attention and create an emotional response therefore short, simple, enticing posts.

On average, a social media user will check there wall at least 20 times a day, millennials will check theirs around 80 or more times a day.

Social media IS SOCIAL it is NOT sell at me, it was never meant to be an advertising tool, it just became one, people are on there to connect with friends and family, your business is simply a necessary evil to make the platform financially viable.

I always say Facebook is your own private TV STATION, full of comedies, love stories, documentaries, soap operas, reality shows and ADS, but then who watches the ads.

They watch and get involved when you are real, be personal but not private NO ONE wants to hear about your products and services all the time. Share other aspects to your life and your business and your region.
When I sit down to write my statuses my mind goes blank, this is often said to me during workshops and it happens to me to. So, I have a few things I do that help.
1. I use the saved posts tool on Facebook for content I have read and feel can be shared later, why reinvent the wheel.
2. I have an exercise book on my desk that I keep thoughts, ideas and notes in.
3. On my desktop, I have a folder in my documents that reads Facebook Content and I keep photos, ideas, links and anything I may use later in that sub folder.
4. I look at competitor’s pages.
Peel Chamber have asked for real tips to be given during this talk, well

Here is a tip number 1…
1. Open a new folder on your desktop, call it my Facebook or Grab a journal or exercise book.
2. Write down as many topics, ideas, questions, insights about your business as you can in 5 minutes. No filtering, just write. Think about FAQ, what your clients likes, what worked well before, what is happening in your life, what are you promoting now, what do you want to increase the sales of. Just write. These will form the basis of your content. Dot point ideas, who are your charities, who are your clients, promote them, what awards have you won, create a credibility list.

MDVS Business Services offer’s content strategy workshop for $99. We sit for three hours and brainstorm posts for your page, you leave with a massive amount of posts sometimes a years’ worth. If you want to know more ask me.

When writing on your sites It is more important for your marketing to be about your CUSTOMERS not about your business. People only care about WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR THEM, so selling at them is a turn off, informing, entertaining and educating is what will work.

Here is tip number 2
Marketing is simply not about your products and services that is the result, it is about: –
• People only will do business with those they LIKE, KNOW and TRUST
• It is also about customer service and valuing yourself so don’t beg for fans, liker’s or to share posts and don’t offer discounts if you can help it, value add, if you buy this you can get that.

Emotion…. You only buy from those you know like and trust and EVERY decision you make is based on emotion and if someone makes you feel good or feel valued you will buy off them more.

WIFM What’s In It For Me, meaning what does the customer get out of it. – consider you have all attended tonight to gain knowledge, that’s the WIFM for you.

DIFM Do It For Me especially apt with the millennials
Can you fill out forms for your clients? When the chamber owned the Spring Festival I was employed to sell the bays, I sold over 150 of them in a week, whilst I had them on the phone talking about the festival I filled in the answers, name of the business, size of the bay etc… then when I faxed it to them, I know fax right, does anyone still have one, we’ll all they had to do was sign it.
Consider this if your presented with a blank form to fill in or a form filled in who would they buy from, the filled in one as it was made easier for you and you also felt listened.
Purchases are based on three main objectives want need and desire.
* I want it A ring from Lovell Jewelers
* I need it Food, Groceries, Clothes, Petrol, Electricity, Mechanical Repairs, fruit and vegetables from Malibu Fresh Essentials and meat from the Gourmet Butcher.
* I desire it A dinner party with members of the royal family, A trip to India.

Problem solving, people will buy if you’re the solution, consider that I have no idea how to groom my dog, that I don’t want a big mess in my house, I have no time to walk him. So, address the marketing with the problem and YOU are the solution: again, tonight I am the problem solver of your Facebook needs……here’s another example if you were a pool shop, then your post may read something like, do you hate cleaning your pool, then don’t, allow us to do it for you, call 0408000000 as see just how affordable it is, seriously wouldn’t you like your time back?

How we make decisions on business and who we go to has NOW forever changed, how many research the establishment before we go to a store, it’s not now what you the business thinks of your business it’s how your customers think and SHARE and REVIEW about your business.

Have you not gone somewhere because someone else said someone else had a bad experience, don’t worry about reviews, many do I know but people will trust businesses who handles a negative review better than those who didn’t handle it correctly or have nothing but 5 star reviews.

Let’s look at the audience of social media, two things that contradict each other, did you know by the year 2020 that millennials will make up most the workforce… we need to look at how powerful they are and how much of an influence they will have in today’s marketing and branding and what tools they use to be connected and sold to.

There is a great YouTube video of a two-year-old talking to her mum saying that her iPad is broken and she wants her to fix it, the child was looking at a print magazine, consider people no longer ask for a taxi they ask for an Uber.

However, 62% of all registered businesses are now home based single sole operators, on average each turning over around $150,000 pa, and this blows my mind, 1 in every 3 of those are between the ages of 60-69, they retired, hated it, cashed in their super and either started or bought a business. People of my generation simply do not want to retire completely.

The important aspect to note out of that is DON’T just sell to one demographic, you have young mums, older men, kids, teens, gen x, married, widows, you name it there on it, so adapt your marketing to these genres.
I hear often I just let the young person action the Facebook, well a local business recently did just, the young girl spammed into every group she could imagine, including those that said no advertising, when she was asked not to do that she became defensive and argumentative and all on line and for everyone to see.

Your social media page is the forefront of what people see and hear about your business, you need someone with life skills and a firm sound knowledge of resolving issues in a mature way to manage your page. After all your marketing is what people feel, know and like about you, in the end that business suffered due to the way it actioned its page.

Don’t try and overload people with information, less is more, keep it short and simple, over time all the little titbits of information on your site become an entire site full of knowledge.

Did you realise that a full social media platform equals money in your pocket? I recently sold my Process Serving business, and all I had was a website with an exceptional domain name and an active Facebook page. Your Facebook page, the more active the more it has financial value, those likers = GOOD WILL and customers.
MDVS has always has the manta knowledge is power, education is key… you be that educator. stop trying to not let your competitors know what you’re doing, they already know, so embrace what you are knowing, whichever business is regular in their updates and posts WINS. Why, because they’re seen as the marketing leaders, therefore post daily but do so at various times.

EMOTION, everything single thing we do is based on it, I have over the years had five posts go viral in the true sense of the word, all of them with reach from half a million to one that had a few million reach, one post was a simple photo of a burnt dog’s paw, the caption, if it’s too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot for your furry loved one, even channel 9 shared that one. Everything in marketing is emotion based, EVERYTHING.
Tell your story… your WHOLE story… be personal but not private. I am often told, that post you put up with so and so in it worked better than the ones you put up about the product, and yes it does.

TIP number 3
I have a simple rule. @tag your own business in your post if you’re writing from a desktop, write as if your speaking to one person, use only ONE photo or video but make it an awesome photo, if you use more than one, Facebook splits the post and you end up spamming the wall of your likers with no comments but only photos, consider that if you have say 14 photos in a post then your page has created 15 posts all one after the other with only one that has words and all the other posts just say abc posted a photo. Do that too many times and people will unfollow you.

Keep it short and simple, if you have gone to the part where it says, see more, you have written to much, and don’t forget to have a call to action, eg if you say call me then add your phone number. Have you seen Malibu Fresh Essentials page, it has had a steady growth over time based on a few factors, we are real on their, we don’t sell at you, we respond to every comment, visitors post, messages and checkin.

There is a manta in the social media industry content is king but engagement is queen and she rules the house, like any conversation if someone talks respond, Facebooks algorithm will decide on how valuable your post is and give it organic reach dependant in part of how interactive your page is.

Another aspect to posting is you be you first, instead of saying what vegetable do you hate? Say growing up we all ate something we hated, mine was Brussel sprouts, what was yours, by sharing you first it makes your follows more comfortable and likely to respond.

FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM is mostly for branding, it is a tool to be used so that your customers will get to know you, like you and trust you, they’re not going to stay connected if all your page is, is business, introduce your staff, share things that are on in your district, tell a joke, share a book or movie your reading, explain single products, use photos and videos, make it interesting and make it varied.

Do expect every post to have a reaction, just make sure on average your posts get interaction, people are voyeurs they will watch and only interact when they feel safe on your page, for 6 months I worked on one page with nothing, then all of a sudden, I stated to get comments.

When you’re at say a chamber function and someone says, I saw you were at Coral Bay, they know this because they do read your page they just didn’t comment, so ask them next time to make a comment it would be awesome to hear from them.

When I was in Coral Bay I posted that from my business page not only my personal page. You do this as it shows your real, you take holidays and you also may have something in common with someone who went their recently who will say so…

You must decide what is your page for, selling your items, teaching about your business. Create a list of what you want to achieve and work backwards… why would your customers care. What is your format.
A social media site is a valuable tool and is a saleable asset. A good site is one that has loads of information that can be searchable. Be real and be you….

The Instagram algorithm, just like the Facebook News Feed algorithm, is so mysterious yet ingenious and brilliant in showing the best content to the most people.

If you are creating great content, more followers, and non-followers will see it.
But how does the Instagram algorithm work?
• Engagement: How popular the post is
• Relevancy: The genres of content you are interested in and have interacted with
• Relationships: The accounts you regularly interact with
• Timeliness: How recent the posts are … This implies that recent posts likely rank higher in your feed and that the timing of your post is still relevant.
• Profile Searches: The accounts you check out often
• Direct Shares: Whose posts you are sharing
• Time Spent: The duration spent viewing a post

Tip number 4
STOP trying to be perfect and stop trying to get every post to go viral, often the ones you think won’t work will be the ones that explode, just do it, so many times I have heard attendees of my workshops go I am not sure, like anything the first post is nerve wracking and after a while it all becomes easy, Peter Butler calls it imperfect action.

It is also not about finding more likers it’s about interacting with the likers you already have; did you know if you keep your clients happy they will advertise for you. it’s about posting daily so that over time your site becomes a case history of your business. This also creates credibility.

Should you be on social media and what platform should you be on.
Be mindful of NOT over posting and oversharing and annoying your clients, I cringe when I hear or see double or triple posts, each platform has a set demographic. This is another industry funny….. I just instagramed, facebooked, blog, twittered and snapchated our specials, and in case others didn’t see it I sent a newsletter.

LinkedIn is now very Facebook user friendly however is the place to go for business to business
Facebook men and woman from 16 – 65 use this site.
Snapchat 60% of snapchat users are under the age of 24, it’s a goldmine for businesses targeting millennials.
Instagram It’s visually based but with 500 million users on the app and 59% of those users checking the app every single day, it’s no doubt that Instagram has great reach.
Pinterest For female-focused companies.
Twitter is fast-paced, concise. Twitter is a sea of information of 140 character or less content waiting to be read, clicked, followed, and re-tweeted. Esther Williams can you stand up.
YouTube Is owned by Google and if you’re uploading videos to Facebook, change the header and post your videos here to.

How social media should be actioned.
Educate, Entertain and Inspire, best result is post something daily at various times.

There are only two reasons when you need to gain likes in droves. When you first have your page set up or if you’re like me a social media manager, it creates degicrebility, digital creditability, consider importing your emails and data list into your Facebook page, consider that no one ever has a 100% open rate for emails, I get 62% open rate so this way I can attract the other 38%. Stop trying to gain likers focus on the likers you already have and allow your site to gain likers organically, they will come I promise.
Simple tricks that WORK like the importance of @tagging.
The sweetest word in the English language is someone using your name, so use it and people feel connected with you, if you’re dealing with a business or an individual client @tag their name in the post. Plus if you tag that persons on the post it actually goes on their page.

On your posts and if you’re on a desktop @tag your business into the post, why? Because it creates the hyper link to your page and that creates an ease for some to like you, plus the post is not all black writing, when people see the blue it creates a reaction.

STOP tagging in friends in your business posts, I see that a few times with ABC is with and then they list 20 people… that is spam and should not be done UNLESS there is a specific aspect that they are AT the post/event you’re sharing about.

Tip number 5
Hashtags #
If you take away anything from tonight take this, STOP #hashtagging all over Facebook, look at Mari Smith, look at Facebooks page, look at Mark Zuckerberg’s page they don’t hashtag, why, because Facebook reads it as spam. If you must as you want to create a trend then use that #hashtag in the sentence and NOT at the end of the post. Social Media examiner actioned 800,000 posts on Facebook, 200,000 had #, their research showed they had the least reach of all the posts. Most importantly when someone # your business you are NOT notified of it, so anything can be said or done with your business name and you will never know unless you search your own #, and let’s ask how many have every searched via a # on Facebook. However, if someone @tags your business you receive notification of this.

Tip number 6
On your smart phone and iPad have you downloaded the app pages, if not do it, the Facebook app is YOU, the page’s app is your business page, and then open the app and play you cannot break it and if worse comes to worse use the V button and delete what you have done, it’s a very user-friendly tool. If you want to know how to use Pages, there are truckloads of videos on You Tube or ask to come to one of our how-to seminars.

Tip number 7
Why videos really work on Facebook and how it only takes two minutes to do one.
Facebook loves videos, in fact it has just commissioned scripted tv shows, as you now tune into Netflix soon you will be watching Facebook TV. They give great credence to video uploads and more so to live videos, the longer you are live the more reach it will give. Consider you’re a real estate agent, a live feed of a home open can be so empowering, video/visual is the easiest way to describe what you offer. Your Smartphone cameras are better than some high priced and high-powered cameras. Facebook gives better reach to videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook over videos that are imported from YouTube.
You can film yourself sprouting a sales pitch, or what your staff are up to, an overview of your products, you can film anything that is in good taste, just keep it light, simple and fun and no more than a few minutes and its ok to make mistakes and upload those, in fact there the best kind. However, unless you grab me within the first few seconds you have lost me and keep your videos around 90 seconds as an average.

Tip number 8
How to schedule your posts for a week in less than 30 minutes on both Facebook and Instagram.
On Facebook, you create the content then where you go to publish you notice a V next to it, click that and then add the date and time you wish to schedule the post, if you wish to change it or edit it or do anything with it go into schedule posts and click the post and the change accordingly.
On Instagram, I use www.grum.co it is a third-party app that is very similar in usage to Facebook upload the photo, the content, the numerous hashtags and then hit the schedule button for the date and time you want to publish your post. Its costs $3.95 USD a month but so worth it with the time saving you can achieve. Whilst I post via grum I action everything else Instagram via their app.
Action the Facebook post and then at the top you see the link continue, that goes to publish don’t hit publish hit the > button and schedule the post.
You cannot schedule on a Instagram App hence why I use grum.co

Tip number 9
Spend time on your page to make it perfect.
Creating an optimised Facebook business page
This is simple fill in every detail and open every app, spend the time creating a FULL website/Facebook page, here is a list of the tools and please use photos that are fitting and dynamic and appealing, spend the time on your page as in the end it pays off in spades as you look professional and your clients can find details about you easily. There are around 44 tools to make sure you tick and action.
1. Pick a category for your business
2. Name the business
3. Address details
4. Confirm address is connected in GPS
5. Phone numbers
6. Agree with Facebook Terms and Conditions
7. Add a cover photo which has correct dimensions
8. Add profile picture which has correct dimensions
9. Add website details
10. Choose post attribution
11. Add email address
12. Pin page to shortcuts
13. Check visitor post settings
14. Allow messages – then create your own URL for messenger its replacing email and has already in universities in the USA
15. Check country and age restrictions
16. Set up response assistant
17. Check notification settings
18. Page roles – add admin
19. Set preferred page audience
20. Add a short description
21. Add partner apps or services
22. Select appropriate likes
23. Connect Instagram account
24. Check profanity filter
25. Check page moderation
26. Choose recommend page to others
27. Select username/facebook URL
28. Choose price range
29. Choose parking arrangement
30. Edit start date
31. Edit ‘about’
32. Edit ‘impressum’
33. Add menu if required
34. Edit privacy policy
35. Invite email contacts
36. Like as your page
37. Edit ‘story’
38. Create ‘services’
39. List full range of services, with full description and prices
40. Create ‘events’
41. Create ‘notes’ – which are Facebooks versions of a blog
42. Choose template
43. Add client as admin
44. Publish page

The importance of having multiple administrators
A few reasons, if you die then someone can get into your page, if you are on holidays someone else can manage it and most of all if you have a few trusted people actioning your page then you get some interesting diverse posts. IF you don’t want to have others as admins Facebook now has a tool that allows you to nominate a few trusted friends who can gain access to your page to give you access back. They are not admins but have back end access in emergencies.

Finding pages to follow on Facebook
These are gold… finding similar businesses or industry leaders means you are never at a loss for content, adapt similar posts at different times though or share their posts if their an industry leader. I look at overseas pages as well as local and often interstate. But also follow business pages such as the chamber and share business knowledge, also local pages like Rockingham Visitor Centres and share what is on in our region, Dr Google is your best friend and YouTube is your best mate, both have an abundance of information that is therefore you to use and share and gain ideas from.

Tip number 10
Types of status updates
Simple short sharp and simple, your post is alive for a brief period of time, around 2 hours, your post MUST be image based and think that most people read social media on PHONES, remember this is SOCIAL, the post must be enjoyable, emotive and your goal is that it needs to be something someone wants to act on…. Personal but NOT private…
Give 5 examples
1. Want to know why I started this business? have a gander at this video I just made
2. I have this white dress or the black one, I am a finalist in the business awards, so people help me, which one looks best, black or white?
3. When you were growing up you were always given one vege you hated, mine was Brussel sprouts what was yours.
4. Comment below in one word, Lloyd Raney, guilty or innocent
5. Have you had a hard day, then don’t cook, stop into the Chippy on the way home and let us make a fish and chips dinner for you and the family.

Tip number 11
Should you link Instagram and Facebook?
NO 100% NO and NO! They’re two separate entities and are such have two separate client bases, some are on both but even so respect your audience by not spamming them. I will post on Facebook today and then repost on Instagram the same photo a week or two later but with different but similar content and of course the hashtags, here is a tip whenever I am searching for new # I ask my Facebook followers for their suggestions, they give so many ideas that I did not think of.
IMPORTANT… Facebook does not have a relationship with Instagram, Instagram has one with Facebook but it is not reciprocated. I ask why people # on the bottom of posts and they say to put it on Instagram via the FB post, that just simply does not happen.

Tip number 12
Sharing content from others
Your goal is to like, comment, share or save. Consider how a business feels when they see YOU have commented or liked a page, so many times I am asked how do I get more interaction, in order to get more, give more.
When Facebook sees a post, you have is shared they see it as a valuable post and push it out organically further and further, however they hate the sentence like and share – using like and share in a post alerts the algorithm to a less push.
If you want your post to be shared simply ask,…. I often will write, if you think this is worthy of it being shown from your page, then there is a share button for that and I would be so grateful for your kindness, like and share is a demand you get more from the ask.

I also use the save link a lot, I follow pages that may be relevant to my clients and if I find a post that I think rocks I will save it and use it later, the issue I have with Facebook that would make my life complete is if they allow the share button to have a scheduled post aspect to it.

Facebook is FULL of similar pages, industry and ideas, as is Dr Google, so use the search bar to place in key words that are relevant to your business/industry and these will also give you many ideas.
If you make people happy you make more money it really is that simple.

Technology is moving fast, we are in the technological revolution, however we as humans are still the same, don’t be overwhelmed, just DO one thing and from that another will grow, but do it, it doesn’t need to be perfect it just needs to be YOU.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, in any seminar you only remember one thing, same as when you watch a movie you always remember one scene, so take that one new thing you learnt today and run with it, then pick another, then another and go for it…

Sharyn McCaskey from Mdvs Business Services is a well-respected Facebook Marketing Specialist, who has trained over 15000 attendees in Facebook Marketing. These include business operators, corporations, not for profits, schools, members of associations and as a representative of some chambers of commerce.

Her seminars are NOT Bait and Sell, everything you need is shared during the workshop, plus you receive 12 months of support, a 62-page intensive how to manual, she is available 24/7 and it also includes attending a second time if you feel you want a refresher – all at NO cost.

She manages a select few clients and was awarded three years in a row, one of Perth’s most influential business people.

Sharyn is a South Coast Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year and is constantly a winner or finalist in many business awards, from Business Centres and Chambers of Commerce, including Micro Business Operator in 2015.

Sharyn has flown/driven to 27 regional towns/districts nationally teaching Facebook marketing including the major tourist destination Jindabyne NSW and Ned Kelly Tourist region Jerrilderie NSW.

Most attendees of Sharyn’s seminars are referrals from past clients and her own organic reach is not unheard of to hit 28,000 with 700 likes and the clients whose pages she manages have achieve similar results.

MDVS Business Services offers
Facebook Marketing Management of your Page for $99.00 per week
Instagram Marketing Management $68.00 per week
Facebook Training including understanding marketing on social media $249.00 per workshop
Facebook Strategy and Brainstorm for content workshops $99.00
Facebook Set up of professional pages with SEO relevance $295.00
We can write your Professional Social Media Policy $500.00

Sharyn McCaskey your Facebook Marketing Specialist.
0408 863331 – available 24/7


About Sharyn McCaskey

Sharyn McCaskey from Mdvs Business Services is a well respected Facebook Marketing Specialist, who has trained over 15000 attendees in Facebook Marketing.