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“The best thing Rockingham It Solutions did was attend an MDVS Facebook Seminar”. Less than 600 liker’s with organic reach
at almost 25,000, Engaged followers 2,700 and all FOR FREE”. – Jon Ellis

Facebook specialists and training in Perth

Mdvs Business Services understands that many seminars are disguises for a business to sell at you, we don’t. We offer you real world real business support that actually works and mostly at no or very little cost.

Our value is in building long term relationships that leaves you wanting to refer us and/or continue to do business with us. 
We have never been about the cash grab; our business succeeds on its customer service and our product knowledge.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked.

Call Sharyn 0408 863 331 or email mdvs@iinet.net.au to book your seat.

By doing what we suggest, your Facebook marketing will work… GUARANTEED

Don’t ask us; see how it does work for those who actioned our teachings. We offer four ways to connect to MDVS Facebook Specialists:

  • Workshop - How to use all the tools Facebook offers & FB Marketing Strategy $249.00

    Please click here to book your Facebook Marketing Workshop

  • We can write your Professional Social Media Policy

  • We can set up of your Facebook page professionally and with SEO $295.00

  • We manage Facebook Business Pages (really well in fact) $99.00 a week

Facebook Users have become quite savvy; therefore,
it will be a lot harder to stand out.

To win big in social media, you’ll have to think outside the box and find ways to get your content to Stand Out in all the noise.


youtube channelWatch all our informative videos on our youtube channel.  Click here to watch >>

About our seminars…

Our seminars are NOT a Bait and Sell, everything you need is shared during the workshop, plus you receive 12 months of support, I am available 24/7 and it also includes attending a second time if you feel you want a refresher – all at NO cost.

IMAGINE the results you can achieve!

MDVS Business Services only focuses on Facebook; we know our subject thoroughly!
However we have a firm understanding of all social media platforms and a presence on each.

Let’s be honest

  • Not every business suits Facebook, social media works for business you just have to use the right one
  • Knowing how to navigate a page is not the same as marketing a business on Facebook
  • People love to buy, but they hate to be sold
  • Likes are NOT dead and Organic Reach can still be achieved easily
  • Facebook Business Marketing works and used correctly you will gain new referrals and maintain existing relationships
  • Actioned correctly you will not need to “buy” Facebook Ads
  • However, if you choose to buy Ads then let me show you how to do it for maximum target and exposure and at the best rate and with the most trusted people
  • Facebook often trumps your website on a Google search
  • Facebook allows you to maintain relationships with your existing clients and obtain new ones
  • 95% of all business is searched on line

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